Marijuana has long been farmed out of doors throughout history, on the other hand indoor growing is relatively new and came into being as a result of prohibition. Because of this, many of the advancements in medical marijuana cultivation have taken place within the last 100 years. The differences regarding planting approaches are important for both aspiring medical marijuana farmers as well as consumers.

Natural versus. Controlled Environments
There are a variety of excellent reasons to grow indoors as an alternative to outside; gardeners can pick location and have total control over their environment. Indoor gardens normally offer flawless looking flowers with high THC percentages. Nonetheless, no light source can compare to the total spectrum of the sun, and indoor farms typically result in smaller yields and less vigorous flowers. An additional issue with indoor cultivation is the loss in complexity of natural ecosystem. Factors such as the presence of natural predators to bugs that can hurt marijuana plants are missing indoors. Some farmers also see the ever-growing concerns regarding the overuse of pesticides enough of an incentive to look into the trade-offs of each environment. If growing out-of-doors, growers may be helped by the natural environment, however they are restricted to environments best suited to cannabis – good exposure to the sun, very warm days, warmer nights, and lower moisture; and aren’t able to manipulate temp, light, CO2 production, or humidity.

Both indoor and outdoor production include great expenditures up-front, however in the long-term indoor gardens are more costly to keep up. Climate control equipment is pricey to operate, whereas much of the expenses for outdoor farmers will be in the start the operation. A lot of the costs associated with indoor facilities can be recovered through year-round harvests, breeding projects, and pricier, stronger products. Labor expenses will differ greatly. Due to crop all year long, there’s constantly work to be done in indoor gardens. Outdoors, many farms are able to function with only a few employees until harvesttime.

Being able to manipulate environments and reproduction has long led to the endorsement of indoor flowers. They have a tendency to be far more aesthetically pleasing since they’re not battered by rain or wind, and have a wide range of flavor profiles. Even so, some consumers continue to prefer the tastes associated with sun-grown marijuana. Although there does seem to be a poor stereotype associated to marijuana grown out of doors. Because of the legal risks related to farming outside, harvesting can be rushed, curing time is reduced, and in order to get the products on the market, excessive handling occurs. Then again, adjustments in legal requirements are enabling businesses to take their time harvesting, and the marketplace ought to experience a higher quality product.

Greenhouse Growers
Lately, there has been a movement of greenhouse gardens that appears to uncover the sweet spot between the two forms of growing. This particular type provides for high quality crops in circumstances they’d not otherwise have been able to grow. All diverse techniques offer benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important for growers and consumers to inform themselves on their different choices.

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